As I looked over the descriptive essay brochures created by students in fourth period Language Arts, I decided there was too much personal information to post them on the Web.

However, below is a sample of figurative and sensory language students included in their brochures.

Project Description and Rubric

Their fur was as soft and cozy as a fluffy down comforter on a dark, cold winter night.

The fries were salty, soft potato clouds.

They had puppy breath as sweet as a cherry orchard.

They melted our hearts like cute kittens sitting in a pet store window.

When my grandma saw me, she was so happy. It was like the sun coming out for the first time.

I thought about what I was going to be doing in Florida. Sitting on the beach, swimming, and shopping (like Paris Hilton in smaller shoes).

I could still smell our last vacation in my duffel bag.

The air smelled like people crying. It was sad to say good-bye.

With the breeze in my face, I felt like I was flying like a bird.

The horses were as peaceful as dancing clouds.

When the ball is in the air it defies gravity, moving through the air like a seperate sun.

Tap shoes make a noise that sounds like hail hitting the ground.

My skis stick to the snow like a toungue sticking to a frozen pole.

On game day, the crowd is wild like a bear.

People roar like lions.

Snacks fly by themselves like birds.

It smelled as bad as a truck full of garbage.

It was sharp like the thorn of a rose.

It felt like having our Chritsmas presents stolen.

The school closing was like living somewhere for two years and suddenly your house burns down.

The bus was as slow as a turtle.

It was as moist as standing over a pot of hot water.

The fish was as big as a refrigerator.

You feel as light as a feather.

We laugh like wolves howling.

It tastes tender, spicy, salty, chewy, creamy, cheesy . . . .

We ate like pigs.