Writing Your Hero Essay - Step by Step

Step 1 - Research and Collect Information

A. Go to Influential Women and decide who you would like to write about.

B. Go to the library and check out a book about your hero
or do some more research online - Women of Accomplisment Scavenger Hunt

C. Take Notes .

Step 2 - Storyboard

A. Storyboard your hero's life.

Step 3 - Organize Information

A. Fill out the Idea Web .

B. Fill out the Outline using complete sentences.

Step 4 - Write Your Paper

A. Use Times New Roman font 12.

Step 5 - Edit

A. Read your paper out loud. Use the writing rubric below to determine what additions or changes you need to make.

B. Have a partner read your paper.

Step 6 - Revise

A. Make all the corrections you need to make.

B. Check the writing rubric again.

Step 7 - Present

A. Practice presesenting your essay to the class.

B. Present your essay.

Writing Rubric:

Rubric Scoring Guide for a Written Description: Early Advanced level ELD

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