Reading Standard 3.7:

Explain the effects of common literary devices (e.g., symbolism, imagery, metaphor)
in a variety of fictional and nonfictional texts.

K-L Chart:

1. Look at the standard. Think about the underlined words.

2. Write what you know about these words.

3. After the lesson, write what you learned about the standard.

What I Know:

What I Learned:




Give your own an example of each type of figurative language. Illustrate your example.







Compare things using like or as. He swims like a fish.

Compare things without using like or as. He is a fish.

Gives human qualities or emotions to things. My computer hates me.

Is repetition of the initial sound in two or more words. The big bear is brown.

The imitation of natural sounds in word form.

buzz, woof, hiss, bang, pow

Exaggeration is used for emphasis or effect. I told you a million times not to exaggerate.

Your examples: