Standards Spanish Translation

Standard rd. 3.1
Standard rd. 3.7
Standard rd 1.5
Standard lang 1.5
Standard rd 1.2
Standard lang 1.4
Standard rd 1.4

October - November
Standard Rd. 3.7 - Figurative Lang.
Writing 1.1
Writing 1.3
Writing Outline
Standard Reading 1.5 -Shades of Meaning
Standards Rd. 1.2/1.4 Context Clues/Multiple Mean.
Standard Rd 3.2
- Character
Standard Rd 2.1 - Structural Features
Standard Lang 1.2 - Pronouns

Lang 1.2 - Indefinite Pronouns Game
Lang. 1.2 - Verb Tense
Verb Tense Game # 1
Verb Tense Game #2
Perfect Tense Game
Rd. 1.3 pt. 1- Word Origins
Rd. 1.3 pt. 2- Word Origins
Prefix Hangman
Rd. 1.3 pt. 3- Word Origins
Suffix Hangman
Rd. 3.3 Setting Power Point Presentation
Rd. 2.3 Main Idea Game
Rd. 3.5 Speaker
Rd. 3.8 Believability
Rd. 3.8 Believability Game
Review Jeopardy


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The Brain Book is the result of collaboration efforts among language arts teachers at STMS to create a pacing guide for teaching the California Language Arts Standards. We have each created our own version of the Brain Book focusing on our own students' needs. Brain Book activities include:

Holes BB Scrapbook
Table of Contents

Words week 1
Flashcards week 1

Words week 2
Flashcards week 2

Words week 3
Flashcards week 3

Words week 4
Flashcards week 4

Standards Calendar

Professor Grammar Photo Stories and Computer Games

Review activities based on Hatchet, Iron Will, Helen Keller, Ella Enchanted, and Frankenstien.,

Online Student Book Reports

Words week 7
Flashcards week 7

Words week 8
Flashcards week 8

Words week 9
Flashcards week 9

Words week 10
Flashcards week 10