Mrs. Butler's Book Reports


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New Vocabulary:
1. gaped- to stare with the
mouth open.
2. moor- a tract of open, rolling wastland.
3. resonant- intensified.
4. perilous- dangerous.
5. inevitably- certain to happen.
6. conciliatory- make friendly.
7. malevolence- state of being.
8. petulant- to rush at.


Literary Devices:

Personification: The skies were a gentle light blue.

Simile: The face swung like a pendulum.

Alliteration: The sunny skies smiled.

Metaphor: Still on high land, he could see two fields away the roofs of Caradog Prichard’s farm, and nearby a grey-white knot of sheep and figures of  men.

Hyperbole: Horror exploded in Will’s brain.


On this page include the following information about your book:

Reading Standard 3.7

Give five examples of literary devices (simile, metaphor, hyperbole, alliteration, symbolism, personification, etc.) from the story.

Reading Standard

List eight words you learned and their definitions.

Literary Devices