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Buck: Loyal, wise, fierce


John Thorton: Brave, smart, loving, kind.

Spitz: Fierce, mean.


Buck’s Wild Brother: Cautious, playful, loyal. 







Buck was wise and fierce, so he was able to kill the horrid Spitz in their last battle.  Once he had killed Spitz, he thought he would be leader, but when his masters strapped him in the same place as always, he used a brilliant strategy to earn his rightful place.

Once John Thorton saved Buck’s life, Buck became very loyal to him.  He would wonder off into the woods and yet always come back. But on one of his strolls he met his wild brother who at first was cautious and ran, but then once he trusted Buck, he became very playful.  Afterwards he went back to camp to discover that John Thorton was killed by the Chippewa and became furious, he found and killed the Indians and ran back into the forest, where he joined  his loyal wild bother’s wolf pack.




On this page include the following information about your book:

Reading Standard 3.2

Pictures and names of the characters - list their characteristics

Write about the effects of those characteristics on the plot and resolution of the conflict (how do their personalities affect what happens in the story?).

Reading Standard 3.8

Are the characters credible? Why?