Mrs. Butler's Book Reports


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Vocabulary/ Literary Devices

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Cinderella: kind, generous, hard working

Step-mother and step-sisters: mean, spoiled, selfish, egotistical


Prince: handsome, nice, persistent


Fairy godmother:
magical, resourceful




The effects of the character'scharacteristics on the plot and resolution of the conflict are. . . .

Cinderella was a good person so the fairy-godmother helped her out and the prince fell in love with her. - resolution

The step-relatives were not very nice so they created a lot of problems for Cinderella and made her their slave. - conflict

The prince was very persistent so he found Cinderella after she ran off at midnight and they lived . . .

happily ever after!- resolution

Are the characters credible? The mortal human characters are credible because some people are vain and selfish and some people are kind and persistent.

On this page include the following information about your book:

Reading Standard 3.2

Pictures and names of the characters - list their characteristics

Write about the effects of those characteristics on the plot and resolution of the conflict (how do their personalities affect what happens in the story?).

Reading Standard 3.8

Are the characters credible? Why?